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Key Benefits

1,Simple Operation

  • Space-saving
  • Only 30 seconds to assemble and take apart
  • 10 seconds to put a mill chamber set on and off the frame
  • Almost free from maintenance
  • Only a hexagonal wrench necessary as tool
  • Processing without premixing
  • Sampling during the milling process
Perfect Beadmill Starter

Perfect Beadmill Starter

2,Small Sample Size

  • Start your experiment with just 20ml of slurry sample at the minimum


  • Low initial and running cost in similar beadmill class


  • Explosion-proof
  • Safety Cover Interlock
  • Choose from Several Sizes of Chambers
  • Enclosing Covers (allow you to put in a bit more)
  • Simple Unit for Circulation Operation


  • We provide you with opportunities to try our beadmills at our plant before you take any decisions on their purchase.
  • Please note that test is NOT free.
  • For test trials at our plant , TSG-6U ,a version of Easy Nano perfectly fit for lab-use with capability to operate six chamber sets simutaneouly at the same disk rotation will be used.

6,Basic Spec.

Motor 0.4kW  non-explosion proof
Power AC100V/110V ※only in Japan
Speed Variation Inverter Speed Variable
Milling Method batch type
Sample Size Roughly 20mL~300mL
Material used for chamber/disk/shaft SUS304 or ZrO2
Maximum disk rotation 2500 rpm
Usable Beads ZrO2 、Glass ※Range: Φ0.015~2.0mm
Size W330×D320×H660


6,Basic Spec.

Chamber Volume 50mL 100mL 200mL 400mL 800mL
Minimum Sample Size 20mL~ 30mL~ 60mL~ 100mL~ 300mL~
Material ZrO2,SiN,Urethane,SUS,Glass(only chamber) ,etc.
  • Control slurry temperature with a coolant jacket .
  • Put enclosing covers on except for 50ml type.
  • The above chambers can also be applied to TSG and LSG.
  • Scaleup and explosion-proof types are possible.