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EasyNano RMBⅡ

Ease of use No.1 Standard model of small desktop lab machine.Bead milling can be performed simply by adding the slurry, beads and rotating.

Micro beads can be also used.With AC100V power supply, you can easily utilize a bead mill. Since it can process from 30 mL, it is also ideal for processing expensive materials.

"The first bead mill starts here."

for research
100V power supply
Usable bead diameter
Separate process bead separation
Batch operation
capable for low t high viscosity



Features of Easy Nano


Save time

Vessel set disassembly / replacement 30 seconds. Easy preparation and cleaning work.
Greatly improved processing efficiency by powerful operation with a maximum peripheral speed of 12m/s.



Footprint of Tabloid paper x 1 sheet.
Due to its simple structure, daily inspection is not required.


No restriction

There is no limit to the bead diameter as long as it is φ2.0 mm or less.
Easy to manage (processing time = detention time operation)


low cost

Initial cost is the lowest in the class.

Minimum price 1.5 million yen ~


Abundant options

We have bead separation containers and continuous circulation operation units. Explosion protection is also available.

What you can do with Easy Nano

① Increase processing efficiency

Maximum peripheral speed 12 m/s, maximizes slurry installation by semi-sealed lid.

② Study of bead diameter selection

Enable to select multiple beads and easily study the optimum bead diameter.
③  Combination study

Multiple composition such as dispersants and binders can be easily examined.
④ Study for scale-up
It is possible to study the operation conditions with focusing actual production since maximum peripheral speed can be up to 12 m/s.

Just add powder, solvent and beads and rotate

This Easy Nano can be processed simply by adding powder, solvent, and beads and rotating.

Since it is a batch type that does not use a pump, there is no need to worry about solution sending problems. Anyone can easily use it for a wide range of slurry and products.

Small desktop size saves space

With a compact design of 591mm(H) x 310mm(W) x 320mm(D), it is a small desktop bead mill that can operate in small footprint of ​​ sheet of Tabloid paper.

Since it is small body, it can be installed in a draft chamber.

30 seconds for disassembly and assembly

Vessel set
With a simple structure and a small number of parts, disassembly and assembly can be done in 30 seconds.There is no daily inspection of the equipment. An easy bead mill that can be used immediately when you want to use it.

Since cleaning does not take much time, it is possible to handle a large number of tests required for setting conditions.



Small amount processing

Since it can be processed from 30 mL, it is ideal for researchers who want to process expensive and rare samples. Enable to process up to 400 mL in the case of replacing the vessel set.

Model 01 02 04 08
Standard pour amount guide 30mL~ 60mL~ 100mL~ 300mL~


Explosion-proof model available

Customized explosion-proof model is possible according to customer safety standards.

■Motor, operation panel
…Explosion-proof structure

■Control panel
…Air purge specifications, etc.

the photo on the left, the motor has an explosion-proof structure, and the instrument and emergency stop switch have an intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure.

Scale up from a lab machine

Scale UP
After studying the composition and bead size with Easy Nano, a bead mill for laboratories, you can easily scale up on other models.

  • Nano-particle
    Neo-Alpha Mill is recommended

  • Micron / submicron area
    start lab is recommended

Processing example

Processed material alumina
Disk peripheral speed 3.1m/s
Beads φ0.03mm Zirconia
Target particle size D50=20nm




We can handle secondary battery materials, magnetic recording raw materials, fine ceramics, ink pigments / dyes, papermaking, rubber / latex, cosmetics, pesticides, pharmaceuticals / foods, textile additives, photocatalysts, and any other processed products. When starting a bead mill, please try this model first.




Model 01 02 04 08
Nominal capacity 100mL 200mL 400mL 800mL
Standard pour amount guide 30mL~ 60mL~ 100mL~ 300mL~
Power supply AC100V
motor 0.75kW
Rotation speed max 5730 rpm 
Usable bead diameter φ0.03~2.0mm
Liquid contact material Zirconia, silicon nitride, urethane, SUS, glass (vessel only), etc.
備考 Temperature control is possible because it has a cooling jacket.
The above vessel can also be used with explosion-proof specifications.
Pleas contact us even RMB(old model) vessel cannot be installed.

※This specification is subject to change without notice due to improvements, etc.
※Explosion-proof specifications are required when using in places where there is a danger of ignition or when using organic solvents.
※The dimensions of the operation panel and relay terminal junction box will be fixed after the specifications are decided.



矢印 NeoAlphamill
Goodbye, coarse particles 

矢印 Easy Nano|
Small amount processing