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AIMEX-made Special Disks Exclusive for Nanodispersion !

Contractile flow and circulatory flow control beads movement, thus achieving highly efficient milling /nano-dispersion.

Key Benefits

・Highly Efficient

AIMEX-made disks fit for nano-dispersion with centrifuge pumping function generate contractile flow and circulatory flow, controlling movement of beads effectively.

・Nano Dispersion

Applicable to a variety of conditions from dispersion to grinding.

・High Flow Rate

Flowing area made as open as ever prevents obstructions of the slurry, contributing to sharp distribution of the particles processed through high flow rate.

・Reduction of Contamination/No Wear

Flat and round disks help to reduce amount of wear/contamination and enhance their durability as well as keep its perfomance much longer.

・Low Runnig Cost

Both life-long parts and performative operation with low filling rate of beads can reduce its running cost

・Micron Beads

Φ0.015 mm~Φ0.5 mm are usable.


Type AM-03L AM-1L AM-3L AM-10L
Effective Volume 0.23L 0.7L 2.2L 9.7L
Material ZrO2、SiN、Urethane 、SUS、glass (only for chamber),etc




Drives that function AM effectively : Circulatory Flow and Contractile Flow

Circulatory FLow

Disks of our unique structure creates circulatory flow and controls flow of media.
Circulating media efficiently,energetic efficiency improved. Active movement of the media prevents beads from stagnate and concentrate quite locally.Usage of micron-meter beads enables nanodispersion.

Contractile Flow

Flow area made open and narrow ensures velocity difference between media (shear stress) .
This allows process effificiency to improve by preventing beads moving paralelly(50% up from conventional type).Larger beads are also usable for grinding.

Champion Data Nanodispersion Performance Ever Achieved

Champion Data